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Ruby Theophile

“If I could give the doctors and nurses the world, I would. Because they gave me my world.”

After giving birth to a stillborn son in 2016 and battling severe polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Jackson employee Ruby Theophile became pregnant again in 2022. Diagnosed as high risk, she visited her OB-GYN every two weeks, expressing concerns about reaching full term. Her primary care physician, Stephanie Lee, MD, internal medicine-pediatrics resident at Holtz Children’s Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital, provided encouragement and guidance. She then began seeing Nicholas Tinker, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine fellow at Jackson Memorial for care. Facing pre-term labor at 20 weeks, Ruby did her own research and advocated for an emergency cerclage, which involves temporarily stitching the cervix shut. At 25 weeks, she went into pre-term labor again and underwent an emergency C-section, delivering a baby girl, Jaelynn, who faced multiple complications in her first three weeks of life but then began to thrive in the neonatal intensive care unit at Holtz Children's. After 100 days, Jaelynn's health improved significantly and she was able to go home soon after.

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